We Missed You This Morning, Brianna

Our post/blast is brought to you by Jenna who was on the receiving end of a broken verbal.

Brianna, exactly 16 days ago you posted on my Facebook wall, “I want to go to the November Project with you so please knock on my door at 5AM. Ok thanks see ya there.” basically volunteering yourself to eat stairs for breakfast 5AM while the stars were still shining. Knowing that 5AM was actually too early for college kids, I saved your sanity, knowing there would one day be a doable #DestinationDeck for you and where you live. Lo and behold, Monday.Edu came along, presenting a perfect opportunity to you to join the November Project tribe with a quick Monday morning workout that was close to your apartment.

Sunday came, you dropped a verbal and even after trying to get out of it last night, you said you would be at St. Mary’s at 5:35 so we could take the T to my gym, drop my work clothes off, then run to the Commons. For proof, see below:

Well, you stood me up. I stood alone, in the cold, under the dark sky, and made my way to the Commons by myself.

Your excuse? Your alarm was on silent. As one of the most dedicated and hardworking students I know, I would think that you know how to handle an alarm clock by now. I know you had a long weekend with your boyfriend and probably being an overachiever with your homework, but do I need to bring Chris down from the Coast Guard Academy to yell at you to “get your ass out of bed at 0600 hours!”? Don’t think you want that.

Lucky for you, BU’s Monday.Edu #DestinationDeck is HALF A MILE from your apartment, so I will be there at 0600 knocking (well, banging) on your door to #RiseAndShine, since there is obviously something wrong with your alarm clock. After bailing on me today, I just dropped a verbal for you for Monday the 21st. No excuses this time.

Until then, We Missed You This Morning, Brianna!

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