We missed you this morning, Brandon

Welcome to the page that you never wanted to be featured on, Brandon. In case there is any confusion, we’d like to start out by reminding you that you are one of our most positive, upbeat, real, fun, and competitive November Project believers. We also want to remind you that as a full-time beautiful person that you need to remember to train smart. We can’t afford to lose you to silly training mistakes that may take you out of our regular WED/FRI rotation.

Here is the basic, cut and dry version of the story. Brandon put in a CrossFit class, 13.1 miles in Vibrams, and over 55 takes on the runway at Saks 5th Ave this past weekend. This morning he was far too sore to get out of bed. He sent this text out to let us know that he was breaking his word.

Brandon, we love you. We need you. We hope to see you Friday. #WallOfShame #benicetoyourbody #allingoodfun

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