We Missed You This Morning, Amanda

This girl does it all… from baking gluten free cookies and brownies, over planing November Project prom, supporting her tribe members during rainy road races, all the way to surveying opinions to collect #2013NPSuperlatives. She likes the tribe that much that she’ll show up to the workout even when she’s injured. If November Project had a class president she would run and win by a landslide. But this morning in the state of sleepy stupor and delirium, Amanda’s body went against her mind and decided to ignore the alarm that called her out to play.

Amanda you should know by now that setting up one alarm is not enough. You need to have a back up, and the back up of the back up, a wake up call by a friend, and a pet rooster, just to make sure that you’re up and running while most of Boston is still in bed. As anyone at NP will tell you, getting up is the hardest part. Once you’re there life is good!

This morning you missed out on a good workout and that’s something that you’ll never get back, but we hope that this learning experience will teach you a valuable lesson – If you bail on your verbal – You end up on the wall.

We Missed You this morning, Amanda.

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