We missed you this morning, Ali

Inspired by last minute workout no-shows we’re creating the “We Missed You” section. This part of our website will be featuring all those friends that told you that they’ll meet you for a workout only to bail last minute for various reasons including but not limited to: “feeling tired”, “it’s too cold/hot outside”, “it’s raining/snowing”, “the sun is too strong”, “it’s too humid my hair will frizz out”, “I’m sore from yesterday’s workout”, “I forgot I have to be at work early” while staying in bed, or any other awesome excuse that we all used or someone else used on us.

This morning we really missed our friend Ali that was suppose to make her first time appearance with the November Project gang. Ali canceled on her friend Sara at 5:45am via text message after deciding that staying in bed is much better than working out, meeting cool new people and having fun. Ali, we hope that your sleeping time was enjoyable but we also hope that next week you’ll choose November Project instead.

We missed you this moring, Ali

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