We Missed You Stedman (DEN)

We marriage BOOMed and everything!

We all wanted to see you one more time at NP as a bachelor. You said that you wanted to as well.

We marriage BOOMed on it!

Was it the final rampage of Bridezilla? Were you making a last minute change to your table settings? Was there a problem with the flowers being delivered on time? You should have come to us. We would have helped. Imagine all of us knocking on the flower shop front windows TOGETHER. There is no way that the flowers would be late!

A marriage BOOM is sacred!

You know, NP takes commitment, dedication, and accountability. You know what else does? Marriage. A verbal is for better or worse. A verbal is for richer or poorer. A verbal is for sickness and health. A verbal should be loved and cherished all the days of our lives! You broke our hearts.

broken glass
Stone-faced glass breaker

Does a marriage BOOM mean nothing to you?

We just miss you so much that it hurts sometimes. We hope that you and David have an extraordinarily beautiful wedding, and the greatest life together. Congratulations! We’ll be here waiting for you with open arms when you come back.

We marriage BOOMed on it.
~Your NP5280 Family

Congratulations to David Walton and Stedman Carmony
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