We Missed You Simon

Simon, you have had too many amazing athletic performances in your life to properly count, today was not one of them. Today will be remembered as a day you didn’t show up…  The tribe was excited to host you at our special hill this morning, in fact we even had some tribe members who offered to piggy back you to the workout even stopping for a Timmy’s coffee on the way over!  We have heard some excuses in the past, but this?!?

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.40.10 AM


Here’s the thing, our tribe doesn’t do well with excuses.  Our tribe members who show up carrying babies and wearing casts kind of ruin it for the rest of us.

Daisy in the crowd baby

I can understand you might have a bad history of late dinners and racing as is shown below but it’s time to get past that Simon.  You are my race partner on Sunday.  I need you to show up or my hopes and dreams of doing my bike leg of the race will be dashed.  We have a chance at Corporate Relay glory on Sunday but it will come down to you showing up Simon.  Can I count on you?  Do I need to make you a 4pm. dinner reservation?  While I’m asking questions… are you coming for Monday’s workout?



Love, Andrew


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