We Missed You Sid! (PHL)


This post comes to you courtesy of Vinnie.  Vinnie is always at our workouts.  In fact, if Vinnie isn’t at our workout, you can bet that he is venturing somewhere around the November Project Universe spending time with another Tribe.  Vinnie knows Sid well.  In fact, Vinnie and Sid dressed up together for our epic Better Than Bedtime event (see photo above).  Sid verbally committed to Vinnie that he would be at the workout this morning but we were all there and Sid was not.  I am going to let Vinnie take it from here…

Dear Sid,

So imagine you wake up, and you’re craving your favorite bowl of cereal let’s just say it’s Trix.

You rush down the stairs, grab your favorite bowl, and your color changing spoon. You dump what seems like half a box of cereal into your bowl, and go to the fridge just to find out….duhn Duhn DUHN…THERES NO MILK!!!! You ask your mom why there was no milk and she replies verbatim “The milkman didn’t show up”

Sid, imagine how many children out there suffered on that miserable day because you (yes you’re the milkman) didn’t show up. That’s how we all felt today like children with a dry bowl of trix.

Knock knock
Whose there?
Moo Who?
We Moo’d You Today Sid!
I am going to take a wild guess that “India call” looked something like this…
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