We Missed You, Shauna! (YEG)

You can always see someone’s face light up when they see their friend at a November Project workout. For most, it falls  somewhere between “I’m so happy to see you” and “I’m madly in love with you”. Today, however, Deirdre had nothing resembling either of those looks on her face. Why you ask? Well, instead of me putting words into her computer, let me let her tell you herself.


Today November Project missed something along with the early morning sunshine. Today we missed something almost as beautiful as that early sunrise.

In November Project #verbals are taken very seriously. Verbals are our promise, a promise to not only ourselves, but to each other. According to Websters Dictionary (because that’s the most accurate right??!) a promise means,

“A statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future.”


Shauna you promised us that you would be at the workout this morning, and as Roxanne and Sally tortured us with their name sakes, and we shuffled and cha cha-ed, I looked for you, but alas you were no where to be found. As an avid ball player you know what it means to be a team player Referring back to Webster the definition of team is, “a group of two or more animals used to pull a wagon, cart, etc.”

Wait what??! (If you don’t believe me look it up)

Okay let’s run with this… At November project, I guess we are all a bunch of animals, a team of animals that work together. We help each other through hard times, we push each other to the limits, and every once and a while we like to tease and poke fun at each other…. Not to mention trekking through the most bizarre of weather conditions. What a bunch of animals!!


This was side tracked quickly. Let’s get back to your broken verbal. Your verbal was given not only to the tribe, but to someone else who asked you not to let them make excuses not to come to the workout!! Double whammy!! Someone who needed your smile to pick them up, your confidence to push them harder, and your ‘team spirit’

We know that life happens, we know that work gets in the way sometimes… But we also know that a promise is a promise. Shauna we missed you today. Next time you give a verbal, you should probably #justshowup



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