We Missed You Scott – (PHL)

WICKED COOL: Coming out to The Steps to November Project PHL for free fitness, a great sweat, interpersonal bonding, and strong hugs.

NOT COOL: Dropping a verbal for a workout while at another workout (with plenty of onlookers) and thinking you can get away with it.

We here in the City of Brotherly Love are lucky to have such a vibrant running community of which many in our tribe have active roles in. Why just this Tuesday evening our community gathered for a Shake Track & Field run.  Verbals were dropped by many and honored on Wednesday by all but ONE. Coincidentally, the one who shouted for all to hear as I exited Shake Shack “See you in 9 hours Suzanne.” <– THAT IS A VERBAL.

229459_1035754539896_4091_nNow, I’d like to say, maybe he was too busy? Maybe his allegiance to his own crew and their 5:30 a.m. runs took precedence? And okay, as the Executive Director of Back on My Feet we understand that sometimes things could come up that may prevent you from showing up Scott… but we do not, nor will we ever, understand a broken verbal. We had folks in attendance Wednesday who ran with your squads and still managed to join the tribe at 6:30 (that which you personally like to call a “double dip”). Honestly, as a leader, we expected more from you Scott.

Things we know; the BOMF 20in24 is coming up next week so your plate is full, you were still at Shake Shack when I departed and you can to hold up The Leaning Tower of Pisa all on your own. Did you finally need a day to sleep in? Maybe you stayed at Shake Shack a little too long? We don’t know, we are simply left to wonder because all we know is that you were not there (9 hours later) where you said you would be. There’s no anger, no sadness and we are not sulking. We’re not even peeved one tiny bit. Just DISAPPOINTED, because Scott, WE MISSED YOU!

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