We missed you Sandra! (YWG)


Hey sleepy head, we missed you this morning! You see, you told me, your older brother, that you would be at November Project this morning, with such conviction too. Now, normally I would let it slide, as your older brother, but turns out you also told Alanna you would be there, and she called you out on it this morning. So I had a duty as NP co-leader to write a blog post about it. And who better than your older brother to post some wonderful pictures. Years of these glorious pictures, just waiting for the right time.

See, what some of you may not know about Sandra, is that if you leave your phone lying around, or a laptop or iPad or camera, Sandra will get to it, and leave you a beautiful selfie to stumble upon one day as you peruse your pictures. She is also the snapchat selfie queen, unfortunately her older siblings don’t abide by the unwritten rule of ‘no screenshots allowed’.

Here is some of her best work:

IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0608 IMG_0605 IMG_0603 IMG_0601

It might just be a Page family thing, as we are all quite photogenic:


But there is always at least one time when we try to take a good family picture, where Sandra is putting on some of her best work:


Alas, her siblings (myself included) sometimes partake and encourage it:

IMG_0597 IMG_0595 IMG_0621

IMG_0609 FullSizeRender

So Sandra, thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share these wonderful pictures with the world.

Now, this is my little sister after all, so I will finish by saying that she is a beautiful soul, inside and out, and hopefully in the future she will #justshowup!!!


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