We missed you, Pete! (5:30, PHL)

This is sort of an odd we missed you because if you showed up at 6:25 AM you actually saw Pete.  You know, the cat who left for the promised land, San Francisco, California – land of milk and honey and tofu.  A few months back his tank tops, golden hair and penchant for house music moved westward.  Our workouts have been less bright without his neon gear and sarcastic wit.


Pete you may have traded cheese steaks for overpriced sandwiches but you made a verbal commitment to TWO people (one of whom was me) that you would workout at 5:30 AM before the crew showed up.    Calls, texts and Uber horns all went unanswered at 5 AM.  Pete clearly was more interested in his beauty rest than answering the accountability bell.


Club get out late last night, Pete?  Meet a girl at the Avicii-inspired-rave in No. Libs.?  We are only left to speculate. But when we worked out before the workout we were unable to catch up with you.  We were unable to learn about your move, life, professional aspirations, NPSF, and whether Rice-A-Roni really is the San Francisco treat.  Like the last words you ever want to hear from your mother…we aren’t mad Pete, we’re just disappointed.  I guess what we’re really trying to say is…We missed you Pete!

Sleepy Pete


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