We missed you #paulleak …AGAIN

Wow #paulleak I have been dreaming about leading my first November Project workout as a Leader for a long time. Your excuse was ” I slept through my alarm” . Haven’t we heard this excuse before ?  Are you really moving to Venezuela?  I was looking forward to working out with you and learning more about organizing workouts. We missed you OCD ten minute explanation on the workout, but we started right on time not a minute late.  Good thing we did’t wait for you to come we would have never made it work on time.

image1 (1)







I spent all night planning out my playlist to was specifically coordinated to the #bodiesbyjeanie workout I spent hours cultivating.  To everyone’s sadness no one got to hear these sweet tunes because you were supposed to bring the speaker .


image1 (2)image1

The workout was “sick” but you would never know because you slept through the whole thing…..




And then there were two………..



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