We Missed You (PART I (ahem, DCA))

Tradition states that first anniversaries should be celebrated with paper (weird, I know, but I don’t make this stuff up. Rather than burden the tribe with monetary gifts, I requested more sentimental and enduring offerings for my NP-versary; those of friendship, hugs and accountability to ones word. Our dearest Kami Nicole offered SO much more, including the rare double verbal and a post-NP breakfast.



I crawled into bed with sweet dreams of an extra set of planks, double the hugs, and the nourishment of whole foods plantains, thanks to this text exchange:


By 6:15, my worst fears were confirmed…


Well Kami, you probably feel terrible because you missed out on 100+ hugs from your tribe and the chance to test your own limits. And we’re all left wondering, did you REALLY sleep through your alarm? Because we’re pretty sure you were doing this:


Or this?




I understand. It was drizzling rain, you were still coming off of that taco high from your birthday, and your faced daily with the challenge of selecting that perfect outfit to make you look all professional in med school. It’s just that we were all excited to see you. We’re not mad just disappointed. Kami, we missed you.

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