We Missed You, Oh Fearless Leader (DCA)

Today’s blog post is a little special. We like that this community holds each other accountable. It’s what

drives people to show up. You know people are expecting to see you so you #JustShowUp…and NEVER

regret it. If you say you’re going to something and then don’t, this happens. No one is safe. This weekend,

we had a blast at our #UglySweaterDash. But a special someone broke a verbal…


Wake up Saturday morning. Super Excited. Why? Because you’re planning on

running around the city in ugly sweaters? With a couple hundred

friends(pronounced ‘crazy people’)? Well, that’s part of it. The other part?

Your other half is going to be there. The ying to your yang, the mac to

your cheese, the bbq to your rib.

Suddenly we’re hungry. NO. STAY FOCUSED.




Our ugly sweater dash went off without a hitch. Don’t  you worry. BUT. It’s just not the same without you

there. There’s something missing. We all know it. Kept it together. Didn’t cry. Not mad. Just

disappointed. We understand work is important. But we still MISSED YOU. Love, hugs, and come home

soon. XOXO


Today’s group photo:



P.S. Keep on singing


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