We Missed You, Noah!

We haven’t met you…yet but at 6:29 am, hundred gathered, bounce, laughed, hugged and ran some stairs.  Many of us had heard murmurs of Sarah’s big bro showing up joining this crazy family of YA-hoos!  Finishing up the 5:30 group I asked, so is he coming, is he here yet?!? Sarah — he should be here….

Then we got this…


Dear Big Brother,
We missed you this morning! I’ve been trying for a while to convince you to join me for a November Project workout. I thought today was the day! I was sure you would be there, you wouldn’t want to let your baby sister down! I put a lot of effort into getting what we tribe members call a #verbal out of you. A commitment to #justshowup to a workout. (There were even memes involved… I had to google that shit!) We take those verbals seriously. Accountability is a huge part of why this whole thing works! I looked excitedly for you after I worked my ass off at the 5:30 workout. I was RIDICULOUSLY pumped to experience your first “bounce” with you! I was telling everyone “my brother is coming! My brother is coming!” I even messaged one of the co leaders last night to tell them, because I was THAT pumped. Way to be a buzz kill bro!13054823_10156824824980717_1880698157_o13020406_10156824825160717_317675367_n
We’ve been through a lot big brother. Life hasn’t been an easy road for either of us. I want you to know I think the world of you! You are such an inspiration to me. YOU are the one who made me WANT to start running. YOU were the catalyst to everything that changed my life. I am so thankful for you! I want so much to repay that. My incessant nagging for you to come to a workout is part of that. I want to give you some of the incredible love, positivity, encouragement, energy, etc that I have received from this group. There’s plenty to go around, I’m willing to share!

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But if my words aren’t enough to convince you to get your butt out at the ass crack of dawn, perhaps the words of a few friends will help! Here is what a few good people had to say when I told them I was working on getting you to come!
“I really really wanted to show you the shiny new medal around my neck” – Kelly Cardalino, who just ran the freaking Boston Marathon
“Wednesday morning workouts make my day a million times better… and then you get like a ton of hugs and new friends every time. ” ~Dan “Danimal” “Danning Tatum” Adamietz
“Well, I’ve met him, but I haven’t worked out with him. Wishing to see that smiling face, first thing in the morning!” ~ Emma Goodman
“So Sarah’s brother, what can I say, Ive heard lots about you, i was told I was going to meet you this morning and then you never showed. You were missed! You have to come next week, I expect to see you there!
P.s. I’m Scottish royalty so you missed out on that too! ????” ~ Kathleen Anderson, Scottish royalty
“Please join the weirdness! I want to meet you!” Laura D’Onofrio
“Who wouldn’t want a bunch of hugs from a bunch of sweaty morning people??!! ” ~Sherry Morrison
“Sarah got cake this week because she just showed up. Who knows what you might get if you just show up next week?! ” ~ Jordanna L-C
And there’s also this…
“Wanna see girls in spandex? Go to november project. Wanna see guys in spandex? Go to november project. Want to see girls in spandex that can crush a workout and kick your ass? Go to november project.” Another gem from ~Dan “Danimal” “Danning Tatum” Adamietz
So there you have it… Your sisters love, sweaty hugs from strangers, new friends, spandex, weirdness, and cake. What more could you want?! So, my question to you Noah Arliss… Will you be at next weeks stadium workout???

P.s. We Missed You blog posts are suppose to be a little embarrassing, so here ya go! Notice I threw myself in here too, because Your little sister is just cool like that!



Noah we hope you #verbal again and we hope you show up..maybe next week?! — get workin’ on him Sarah.  We’d love to see this kid all grown up.  Actually scratch that, we’re just a bunch of adult-sized kids, so make sure to bring that jean jacket and the white brim cap…I’ve got a feeling you’ll fit right in!

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