We Missed You, Nina.

Some of our members show up most of the time.  Others show up just about every time.  Then there are those that show up ALL THE TIME.  Nina, you show up all the time.  When it comes down to it, there has not been a more prolific recruiter for November Project ever.  You are like the Coach Cal of NP recruitment.  So when we all saw last night that you had drop a little verbalski on the Facebook, everyone was excited.  “Nina is gonna be there? I mean its raining, but she is always there.  She is like the best.”  And yes, we know it may be BrewCrew night, and Zima is like da bomb.com when it comes to ordering it at the bar, but gee golly.  Then the morning came and you were not here.  And yea, we know you were in your bed:


First, we would like to point out that we know you had your alarm set (see alarm clock in the corner).  But I guess sometimes we do all get a little sleepyproof. Telling Jackie and Tracey is great and all, but how about a voicemail or an email detailing your whereabouts? This is the face we were hoping to see out there, but you deprived us of your hugs and your smile.


Chris Mosier was there this morning, and he was saving people and fighting fires yesterday afternoon.  Chris, we salute you for your calm under pressure and just overall, all around awesomeness.  But Chris needed hugs today, and he needed your hug the mostest.  And you left him high and dry.  So Nina, find Chris this weekend and give him the biggest, bestest hug that you can.  And we all know for a FACT that we will be seeing you on Wednesday.  We missed you this morning Nina.

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