We missed you Nikki Tups!

We take verbals seriously. Mo-Sistas should not be breaking verbals. November Project is built on the foundation of others knowing that you’re going to show up. Our very existence is jeopardized when someone says they will be somewhere, and is not. Those who break verbals could lead November Project into extinction if they continue this behavior. If only there was a way to make it up to us…. oh wait.. there is… it involves recruiting 5 new people. Let’s be honest though, if anyone knows about showing up and following through with something, it is our friends over at Movember. Without their energy and enthusiasm, the 11th month on the calendar year would not be known for raising awareness for prostate cancer. It would just be the month when every creepy dude in the world would come out of their basements and mingle with others. Today’s we missed you blog, comes courtesy of Kerry and Dylan.

So, here’s the deal, Nikki. We don’t punish people who break their verbals with burpees. I mean, maybe Nadim, Jen and Andrew roam the streets of Edmonton yelling at verbal breakers, making them drop and give them fifty but they’re busy people so I kind of doubt that it happens (Editors note: This has been known to happen). Instead, we write blog posts about verbal-breakers, just so you know the depth of our disappointment, and how much we missed you. The stadium was missing one fly flat-brimmed hat that this morning.



I invited you to November Project many, many times this year. Paul invited you. Dylan did, too. You hemmed and hawed for months and offered platitudes about how cool November Project sounded. When you finally bucked up and showed up in June, you madly tweeted your love for your new-found tribe. Even though you barely knew us, you enthusiastically promoted Movember at your second work out, our first bring-a-towel workout. And then, after leaving a verbal for today on my Instagram (you said you missed us, Nikki!) … nothing. You slept through your alarm. You know, you probably should do some burpees today as an expression of your guilt and shame.

Next time you say you’re going to show up, set an extra alarm. Or go to bed earlier. Or break out your sleeping bag and sleep at our next morning’s meeting place. Whatever you do, be sure that you just show up.

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  1. This was all my fault November project, I turned off the alarm this morning and made Nikki break her verbal. We’ll be there Friday!

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