We Missed You, NAAAAT

Take note at the “non square” hips. When hugging, we like to square the hips, do two arms around the other person, and give 3-234 pats on the back.

So fun fact about me. I moved to Shaw.

My next door neighbor, Natalie Sabadish, some of you may have met her at her first workout last friday at Shaw Skate Park. Great smile, lightning quick on the half pipes, top notch hugger from day 1.

Well Nat, you #verbal’d to the guy with the password to login to the wordpress account.

Last night, Nat, decked out in a Tom Brady uni (her fave team), said to me, “yeah, I’ll maybe go tomorrow.” I quickly informed her that “maybe” is lame and we drop verbals because they’re a way of life. And then she made the plunge to commitment. “I’ll go.”

This AM I woke up to get to the hill early, expecting to see NAT at back to back workouts. The excitement was building. We bounced, we ran, I snapped photos, and NAT was no where to be found. We missed you NAT.

Natalie now that we’re up to speed on #verbals, we hope to never miss you again.

Love is always,

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