We Missed You Mustache Marcus

Marcus, c’mon man what happened?! We’ve warned you all that we would be bringing these back, and guys–this one hits real close to home. You told me last night that you were in–hands down. No problem.

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So what happened this morning? Were you running last minute errands to make your jeans look a little more badass? Didn’t have T-dawg and myself to wake your ass off the couch? Had to get some tequila? Grab a burri–oh wait. I forgot you’re only New Mexican.


Or was it just to get some great mustache wax? The point is, Marcus, we’ve had enough. What’s the point of rocking #Movember if you aren’t even showing up to show off your ‘stache?! Everyone knows the tagline of #Movember is #justshowup. Wait–who’s tagline is that? Do you even remember? We’ll see.

All that said, you better get your ass to Northeastern Monday, or we’re putting another one of these up–and we’re gonna talk about all the stuff I know from when we were roomies. YUP. THAT stuff. So you better SHOW THE F*CK UP. Or all that mustache growing is just going to waste. Don’t waste it. But what we’re really trying to say is–we missed your mustache Marcus. We missed your big ass (biceps). But really, WE JUST MISSED YOU MARCUS. See you Monday.



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