We Missed You Mr. Matt!

Hey Matt!

It’s 5:09AM and I’m waiting outside my apartment (early—for once!) for you to come get me. Oh, what is that? A text from Amy saying she’s outside YOUR apartment, in the alley, trying to bang on your windows… because you were supposed to get her 4 minutes ago so we could all go run the stairs.


“JD call the uber?” is a text I’ve gotten far too many times from Amy lately, because somebody can’t seem to get up on time…


I know you had fun last night making fondue (classic French béchamel base with fruit, veggies, and bread from Clear Flour– we get it, you can cook) and drinking wine (90+ Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon to be exact—Lot 116 maybe?), but you promised us (for the 23948239th time) that you were in.


Not sure why sleeping was more important than making Amy go into the alley to hang out with the #AllstonRats, but enough is enough.


You missed an epic morning with sweaty hugs, stairs, and listening to Running Man on repeat while having a dance party. We pretty much all looked like this… but better.


I hope next time you “set your alarm,” you set two (or three, or four), because We Missed You.



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