We Missed You: Most of San Diego (SD)

Dear November Project San Diego,

My biggest fear. This day has come. The day I have to write a “We Missed You” post for most of the NPSD tribe.

For the past year and half, I have defended your honor and #weatherproofness to the other 15 tribes of November Project. Yes, San Diego has the best weather year round. Yes, I know you other cities have to deal with sweltering heat during the summer and 89 feet of snow during the winter. But, YES, San Diego can be #weatherproof when it counts.

Or so I told everyone.

Well after this morning, where approximately 25% of you showed up for the workout (despite the fact that it rained for literally the last 8 minutes only), I have to eat my words.

You apparently are not #weatherproof.

I’ve been forced to announce that I am moving to Antarctica. Where I hear the penguins are not only #weatherproof, but also quite friendly. 

 Your disappointed leader, 



– NP Yoga tomorrow @Spirit – if you were one of the lucky 40 to sign up, please be on time to Spirit Yoga at 6AM. And remember, no #grassrootsgear = no entry! 

– Halfway Hump/Tagging – next Monday is PR day at the Park! Please bring one shirt to tag, and any spare BLACK FLAT SPRAY PAINT you happen to have laying around at your house. We appreciate it! 

– Guest Photog – huge thank you to Jeff Boman for taking photos today. Who wants up next? Let us know! 

– Wednesday – at the stairs. As usual. Nothing to announce here. Just reminding you.



– Tag at least 2 people in the FB comments that you missed at this morning’s workout. Because, let’s face it, peer pressure and public humiliation is how we work.

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