We Missed You, Molly

Over the past few weeks NPSF has completed some very adventurous challenges. This past weekend, in particular, led a group of 20 NPSF’ers to Mount Shasta, Molly included. The group climbed 14,000 feet or yadda, yadda, whatever. I don’t know much about it because since their climb we have seen very few of the participants at NP workouts. Josh Zipin bailed on a hill workout with Laura yesterday morning (in which he texted her in 30 minute increments starting at 5:20 AM as he hit the snooze button) and then today Miss Molly Andruszkiewicz failed to show up for the NP hill workout. It all started on Thursday at 9:06 AM when she dropped this verbal in a group email: 

Friday: Hills with NP.  I’m down for a double dose if anyone else wants to show up early with me

Not only was a verbal dropped to run hills, but to complete a DOUBLE DOSE. Molly wanted a double scoop of that chocolate chip cookie dough fudge swirl with a side of quad annihilation. But I suppose the craving was just not intense enough. Who DID show up this morning, adding insult to injury?? Molly’s younger brother, Peter, who NEVER comes to NPSF. Peter just wanted to spend quality time with you, Molly. He was just trying to take interest in your interests. He was hoping for a post workout coffee to get advice on life, love, and the newest geeky accessories in running technology. He was just excited to see his older sister.

But it wasn’t just Peter you let down this morning, Molly. Your adorably chubby dog, Winnie, is on a strict workout plan. She has taken a turn for the chunky side and is really trying to get her life back on track. Friday hills is her motivation, watching all the other dames strut around with their lean limbs and nimble stride. Winnie slept in this morning, and will most likely eat herself into a mid afternoon food coma to suppress her feelings of doggy insecurity. I think you owe her an apology.

And last, but not least, your tribe missed you this morning. We missed your sarcastic comments that you say with a big ole smile on your face (you know, so people don’t realize your making fun of them…I know all the tricks in the book). We missed your energy, your positivity and your really comforting hugs.  We hear you were  blinded by the snow this past weekend and sat in a dark apartment for 3 days in an attempt to regain your eye sight. Too bad you don’t need your eyes to hug, Molly.

We missed you.

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One Reply to “We Missed You, Molly”

  1. LOL.  I am dying. 

    I knew Winnie when she was a slender, agile bitch (female dog ya’ll).  Well, she was actually a teen mom….but that is a story for another time.  She was once able to run for miles in the Atlanta heat with ease and grace.  The move cross-country and the fall from grace have been sad to see.  I wish you well on your path to fitness, Winnie.

    And as for Molly,  there is no excuse for her to let down the tribe.  Perhaps a burpee punishment is in order…or maybe just the looks of disappointment from everyone will suffice.  

    HUGS. – Craig from Atlanta

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