We Missed you Megan! (VB)

2.24 – It was a foggy, dark, rainy morning here in VB. Temp in the mid 40s.

As I wait at the bottom of the stairs at Mount Trashmore. I start thinking.

I wonder who is going to show up today. I start running through the tribe members in my head.I arrived extra early today to run #PRday by myself before the rest of the tribe arrived. Also, so I could tag #grassrootsgear and take epic photos oh all y’all during primetime.

I knew of all the peeps in the #NP_VB tribe I could count to show up today it was Cydney and Megan. Why?? Because they dropped #Verbals.

Now. I am not talking about a little verbal, like ones you say in passing while running past a tribe member in first landing state park. Or the ones you tell your Mother before bed on Tuesday night. I am talking YUGE #Verbals.


FullSizeRender-7 copy

Cydney showed up. But. Megan did not. Megan broke her #verbal commitment to the tribe. Just FYI?!?! UNLIKE.

First, we want to make sure Megan is okay. So if ANYONE has seen Megan or knows of her whereabouts please contact the #NP_VB Police @ novemberprojectvb@gmail.com

or even better they can be reached on snapchat at username: nov_projectvb


We are worried about Megan’s safety and need to find out if she’s okay. The evidence is not looking good. First we see her at a crime scene outline and now she’s looking really bad ass in a NP Buff. Let’s hope she did’t join another tribe. I mean cult. I mean #notacult.

Because at the end of today, we really did miss Megan. Megan we hope you are safe and please come back to us next week for the:

November Project VB Turns One (King Neptune Statue)


Stay safe tribe and remember to be on the look out for Megan! She is Missing!

Love #NP_VB Leadership


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