We Missed You, M-A-double-G-I-E (DCA)

This post makes me sad. Actually, I think the more apt term is disappointed. This isn’t even a first offense. This has happened before. I’m hoping it doesn’t become habit.

Picture this:


Your friend is coming halfway across the country via plane, train, and cross-

country skies to see you. I heard she even fought off a yeti. She’s been out in

Denver, you even told her about this rad group called November Project,

she even joined, and now she’s super stoked to experience it, DC-style.

You’re pretty much there every week so it’s only obvious that you show

up when she’s in town and introduce her to your tribe, right?




Well, at least that’s what Maggie thought. This is a true story. Maggie did not earn

her turkey. Maggie did not #JustShowUp. Maggie was not there for her friend. I’ll

tell you one thing that Maggie did, though. She BROKE A VERBAL. That stings. It

pains me to even write those words. But it happened, folks. Don’t worry, Maggie.

We still showed your friend a good time. She got her hugs. She earned her


She spread some Denver love to DC.

We get it. You love America and it’s holidays (see example at top of page). But we’d like to think that we can still hold you at your word. Simply? WE MISSED YOU, MAGGIE.

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