We missed you Lydia

You know you’re one of the best roommates I’ve ever had. You know how much I love the mornings we bike or drive to NP workouts together and wait until we arrive to give the good morning hug/hug-collision that is so great about a hug from you. I know you are careful about when you decide to drop a verbal, just like me and so when you say you are coming with me to a workout I know you mean it. Or at least I thought I did.

Unfortunately, this morning I woke up and you were not in the kitchen. This never happens. I was uncertain so I texted you but received no answer, did you leave without me for the 530?! Had you forgotten the #verbal from only a few hours before?! I was even extra loud in the kitchen in case you were still (gasp!) sleeping (sorry other great roommates..) but still, not a peep.

Mornings can be hard, I certainly know that and I really know how some mornings you may feel like this:


Or this:


But I know how happy you are when you just show to mornings like this:

Lydia3Or this:


Even when others aren’t so happy….


You always KICK ASS and make me so happy when you #justshowup. So happy I could dance like this:


What I’m trying to say Lydia is that today, as we hugged and bounced and sprinted in the warm moist March air, #WeMissedYou.

— Malcolm



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