We Missed You, Lindsey! (PHL)

Lindsey – to be quite honest, I didn’t see this coming.  I didn’t see you gracing the pages of We Missed You.  But here we are, wondering, struggling, attempting to pick up the pieces of a broken verbal, hundreds of hearts shattered and hugs that will simply never be.

Last night I was cranking up the Schuylkill River path.  No headphones.  No run buddy.  Just me, myself and the sweet sound of foot fall.  I’m not usually one for such solitude while running so I was fired up to come upon Lindsey as she made her way back toward the city.  We stopped, hugged and shared a few words.  Lindsey told me that she was just coming back from a 5k in Fairmount Park where she took 3rd Place! BOOM! #RaceEverything!  The conversation quickly turned to Wednesday’s workout where she said she’d see me in the morning.  Off we went in our own directions.  With a little added pep in my step after seeing Lindsey and knowing that she’d be coming to the workout, I finished my out and back run.

Despite recent numbers, when I woke up this morning, I thought “what if no one shows up today?”  Instantly, I slapped myself in the face knowing that Lindsey would be there.  After all she told me she would only hours earlier.  When I showed up this morning people did show up, however Lindsey was not one of them.  I was sorely disappointed.  In fact me and about 140 some other people were disappointed when the sun rose at the Art Museum and Lindsey wasn’t there.  I bet her bear, ninja, cowboy poses are on point…though we’ll never know.  See this morning’s workout was fun, fierce and absolutely ridiculous.  But part of it was cold and lonely, because a piece of the Tribe was missing…

Lindsey, I guess what we’re trying to tell you is, We Missed You!


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