We missed you last week, Erin

Even though some time has passed we didn’t forget, Erin.

The following conversation took place last week (June 12th) at 7:20 PM while attending BSA Space Event, “Let’s Talk About Bikes.”

Erin: Hey
November Project: Hey
Erin: I’m 100% in for tomorrow’s workout. Thanks for convincing me
November Project: Great. Just like your days at NU Women’s Rowing, we start early
Erin: Oh yeah, what time?
November Project: We start at 6:30 sharp both Wednesday and Friday (Stadium & Summit Ave)
Erin: Great. I’ll see you bright and early. Excited to join the group. I’ll see if Jana can make it.
November Project: Perfect. See you in the AM.

Erin, you never showed up. You broke our hearts. We didn’t wait for you. That’s why you’re up in this section of the website.

Hope you can make your way back into our life.

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One Reply to “We missed you last week, Erin”

  1. I LOVE it… is there any workouts worth coming down from Canada for? I’d like to declare I’m coming now so I can potentially make the web page. I’m busy through the summer months but would love to come out in the fall for a good workout 🙂

    And Erin Sunderland… will you please show up if I do?

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