We missed you Kevin! (SEA)

This just in… Kevin Rutherford, local business leader and well known November Project promoter was reported missing from the Friday workout this morning. Continue reading to learn more details.

Known for his exuberant positivity and encouragement, Rutherford’s last contact with the tribe was a verbal at approximately 6:40 pm PST. The anonymous source that provided this information appeared to be more concerned than upset. Our source (who refused to provide his name due to job security) stated, “What if this becomes a pattern? I know this is just one verbal that he didn’t follow through on, but I’m worried it could be a slippery slope toward a total lack of commitment.”


When asked to provide a quote for this APB, November Project Seattle co-leader Casey Winkler simply stated, “On a day when the workout was led by two of his own employees, Kevin Rutherford fails to show up.” Winkler’s succinct response resonated with the tribe, as attendance expectations simply were not met this morning.


If you would like to share your thoughts or concerns, please comment below. In the event that you see Kevin Rutherford, proceed with caution and personally escort him to the nearest November Project workout next Wednesday at 6:29 am.

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3 Replies to “We missed you Kevin! (SEA)”

  1. Who is this Kevin guy? I certainly don’t claim to know the guy that missed an NP sesh with a #verbal but I’m sure he must have been kidnapped or something. We should be extra nice to him as it must have been a tough day. 

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