We Missed You, Kerry! (YEG)


I met Jen Ference almost 2 years ago at the first ever November Project Canada workout. Since then, we’ve hosted over 260 workouts which means about 260 phone calls talking about every little detail of every single workout. In other words, Jen has become the older sister that I always never wanted. In all that time, I’ve seen Jen sad, like the time her luggage didn’t make it to the Summit. However, I have never seen Jen upset… until today.

Ok guys, before we continue, it should be noted that Jen works hard at everything. When she’s not keeping her husband, Rob, in check, she’s either working out, or thinking about our next workout.

Today, something catastrophic happened. Today, you broke a verbal. While we joke around at the workouts (and no one laughs), we take our verbals seriously. As Jen was prepping (working extra hard) for today’s workout, she got an extra boost of motivation when you gave a verbal. She took so much care with those eggs, and even made sure her entire family took part in the preparations. She even got Rob to help.


Did Jen not work hard enough for you? Does she need to do a better job decorating eggs? Did she fail at making hardboiled eggs?

The extra sleep may have made you feel like a Disney princess, but left Jen like the 8th dwarf, Upset-y.


I’m fairly certain Jen will recover from this, but we want you to know that We Missed You Today, Kerry.

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