We Missed You Kathleen! (LAX)


I know recently you’ve decided the warmth of your heated room is much better than being outside in the rain. But c’mon, you told me flat out when I slept over at your house that since you were a kid you liked getting dirty. Kat, this morning was your perfect opportunity. We got wet, got wild and oh “Daddy” Was it a glorious morning. But there was still a tiny bit of glory missed.

Maybe I should come barging into your room as a personal alarm clock.  Next time I fling dirty socks and used dishrags as a wake up call.

Duvet covers do not beat the pounding of your heart. The warmth of your heater fan does not stump the “cold” of LA. All we’re trying to say is that we missed you and your perked duck lips this morning!

On this day may the duck lips RIP.

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