We Missed You Kate BeSnoozing

Our friend Kate slept in after dropping a verbal. But she didn’t drop just any verbal – she dropped a verbal to a 6-year-old. That 6-year-old took it to the interwebs to call Kate out.

Dear Aunt Kate,

When I found out last night I could join you and Uncle Scott at November Project on Monday morning, I was soooooo excited! Our weekend was jam packed with ice cream, Duck Tours, ice cream, playgrounds, ice cream and museums. I had so much fun hanging out with you. Thank you so much for helping me get back to sleep Saturday night at 3am, I know it made you very tired on Sunday and I appreciated it.


Unfortunately you gave me and Uncle Scott a verbal for Monday morning’s workout, we really thought you would get up and come with us instead of getting that extra hour of sleep. I know you paid an extra $38 to make your haircut super pretty and shiny this weekend, but sometimes you need to “just show up” when your favorite nephew travels 1,000 miles to show off his mad burpee skills in a sick yellow outfit.


I guess what I am trying to really say is, we missed you this morning Aunt Kate.

– E

P.S. Abby likes to eat poopy.

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