We missed you Josh (YEG)

So I know that I have been away for a little while…4 weeks to be exact but I am pretty sure that I still know the meaning of a verbal.  Josh…this counted as a verbal…


Yesterday I was feeling the full effects of jet lag & sleep deprivation…had even texted Nadim to say I might be out of commission this morning since I’d been confined to bed, chills and all. My considerate and compassionate partner even gave me the green light to sleep in if I needed it. But you know what, I made a commitment to you Josh and I didn’t want to let you down. I didn’t want you running aimlessly in Canmore seeking a really great trail only to find yourself lost in the wilderness or even worse stalked by a cougar!

Who knows, maybe one of your other running peeps gave you some good suggestions and you no longer needed mine…that’s ok I guess…or maybe you weren’t sure if the 17 degree weather and mosquito swarms would be conducive to sporting your shorty short running shorts…or maybe you’ve just gotten too fast for the tribe…

Either way…we really did miss you this morning Josh and we were counting on you being there with us…hopefully you have an amazing weekend in Canmore and you find a really great 15 km trail to run on…probably won’t be as good as the one I had planned out for you between my naps yesterday but I guess you’ll make the best of it.

See you Monday? because I know you love us 🙂

photo                                63920_10152673737355512_2071528346_n

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