We Missed You, Jorge and Amy (for the 47th time)

For umpteenth time in our three short years, Amy and Jorge have been called out for breaking an NP verbal. The MWY post author, Jenna D, herself has showed up to more NPSF workout in the last week than we’ve seen the “Bearded One” at in the last 12 months. You missed a gnarl-tastic grind of a Hyde Street Friday Hill today. We were crushed by the uphills, and then, oh-so-scared on the descents… mainly at the thoughts of Will Oberle’s knee doctor appointments in 10 years time. Light on the feet, lad. “Fly like a butterfly, don’t get stung by a bee” or so the saying goes. Amy. Jorge. WE MISSED YOU!

Amy and Jorge—

Hey guys!

Remember me?

I’m from Boston, but have been here for EIGHT DAYS (in NP terms, that’s FOUR workouts… and one race) and haven’t seen you two!

I was really pumped to see all my fraaaaans at NP, and apparently they felt the same because Laura wants to keep me. But where were you two?

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.17.06 PM
Jorge, we couldn’t hang on Wednesday, so you said you’d see me this AM. Amy, you threw down a verbal. But at least you told the Strava world you know you suck. The Tribe is still disappointed though.



When I didn’t see either of you this morning (but saw Orrin and lots of his bare leg), I looked like this:


Not amused.

And this:




But whatever, I get it. I’m not important enough to get up early for. I understand. So much so, that I’m leaving today.

I’ll be back in December. Hopefully you two can work things out and show your face then. You’ve got four months.

Until then, #WeMissedYou.



P.S. Thanks for having me NP SF! Love you all.


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