We Missed You Jon (PHL)

Dear Jon, You dropped 2 verbals yesterday! One directly to yours truly via text and another to the mother ship on twitter (yup so even if you tried deleting that tweet this morning – I already had the screenshot).FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (6) 10712804_10102738064753163_9083511966232165323_nYou have been showing up to workouts for nearly a year now.  You are so much a part of the tribe that Lou Klein dressed up like you for Halloween man!! (Note: Lou wasn’t at the workout either, but instead of dropping a verbal, he, like any good rule follower/behaving tribe member, texted and commented on FB to let us know that he wouldn’t be able to make it! Thanks, by the way, Lou)… You could learn a thing or two from him Jon – maybe you should be him for Halloween next year so you’ll know how not to get our hopes up and then just leave us hanging like you did! Maybe being Lou for a day would teach you accountability?!!?



What happened Jon? Did you have a secret pop up donut date with Phil? (who BTW also was not around this morning, but did not verbal).


Did you not have enough coffee? Was there a write up in the paper about Run215 that made your head so big you thought you were above the code of a verbal?10801495_10102865214054943_8414019828231044273_n

Was it a case of Dinosaur in your ear again?? Did that T-Rex act like a little devil and tell you it was okay to stay in bed?1914773_10150401793505591_886253_nHeed your own advice Jon… and put an orange in it! “It” being whatever your excuse was for letting us all down with your missed verbal…

Seriously though, we’re not mad atcha! We’ve got nothing but love for ya, even though you left our arms empty, without mucho hugs from you this morning (which we could have shared had you just shown up…like you said you would).

Do us a favor tho and would you please ask Molly to fwd us that photo of what you look like sleeping? That should clear everything up well everything but the lemon mess – alas, we’ll leave that story for another time! 10009834_10102199595789283_412641709_n XOXO – WE MISSED YOU JON

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