Ruh roh…. Looks like one of Winnipeg’s finest slept in…

After a long winter hiatus in hibernation, her majesty miss Jolyn K. had finally proclaimed her return. Oh glorious day! Dancing in the streets! Excitement and merriment!

….that is until 6 10 am on a fine morning yesterday’s past, when the tribe started-a-bouncin’ and Jo was nowhere to be found.

First off, heartbreak. Second? PAYBACK. Please enjoy the following creative writing piece depicting the emotional turmoil that was felt by one and all at Jo’s absence:


Jo, Jo, wherefore art thou Jo?

All I want to do is hug and kiss you


But you leave me no choice but to cry and miss you

I was left alone in tears and shame, so for the following pictures, you cannot blame

And now My dear begin your blues, for you earned your woe by hitting snooze


Here we see a moment from Jo’s past

In which she broke her leg from running too fast.

More importantly, this picture also shows the strength that Jo can boast


Foreshadowing for how badly my ass will be whooped when she finds out about this post

And best of all (sorry), here is hungry Jo, fine as all hell

No rhyme needed, this picture tells her life story well.


In sum, please come back Jo, and forgive me for this friend

We missed ya this time around and I don’t want to miss you again

Plus, it looks like you’ve been away so long that you need some direction


To remember what a wheelbarrow looks like (hint: it’s not this kind of connection)


Thus comes to an end our journey of flashbacks and flare

Next week when I ask you “Are we all good?”, I do not yet know if it will be “Fuck Ya” or “Fuck you” that your mouth declares


Lots of laaahv and box jumps, hoisties and fist pumps,


p.s. Here is a picture of our friendship to remind you to please don’t hate me.

I defs still need that ride to work tomorrow, see you in the AM baby!



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