We Missed You: Jessica Craik (SD)

Dear Jessica (or Jess, as I like to call you),

You thought you’d get away with it. And maybe you would have, if it had only happened once this week. But no. Sadly, both Monday and Wednesday, your alarm failed to go off. Or you failed to hear it. Or you set it to PM instead of AM. One of these usual excuses, I’m sure.

It’s okay to skip a workout. Cooper is pretty adorable and choosing to take him for a yog on the beach over hugging us in all our neon is perfectly acceptable. But that’s not all. The problem is that you verballed to TWO different people, one each day, about coming to November Project.













So on Monday that left poor, lonely Tina all by herself to bear crawl up Kate Sessions Park (those weren’t bear noises coming from her, they were the sounds of sobbing). And on Wednesday that left Cade (who, rumor has it, drove 20 miles uphill in the snow both ways to pick you up) singing Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” on his drive to the stairs.

One can only assume that you was peacefully dreaming of your younger, wilder, dreadlocked, Xtina back-up-dancer wannabe days, oblivious to all of the turmoil you had caused.


So, we missed you Jess. Without you NP is just not the same. Next time bring your Shakira dance moves out of your dreams and share them with us.



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