We Missed You, Jason Kulig (NYC)

Remember those long hours, those short sleep nights, those sprints up and down bridges in your backpack? Well Jason we sure do.  And we remember that time you drop a #VERBAL for Wednesday and you were no where to be found.  Now, it could have been just a normal Wednesday workout, ya know nothing special planned.  Oh wait, it wasn’t. It was PR Day.  And not just any PR Day.  The first PR Day.  We ran Mansions.  What were you doing Jason?

We know that they USA game was Tuesday and it was a tough loss.  Most of us did go out and watch the game at local watering holes, consuming mass quantities of alcohol during the game.  Then also, consuming mass quantities after the loss.  But guess what, they showed up.


You may send Text Messages that, in your mind, make up for it.  But it doesn’t make up for the people you left waiting to see you.  Waiting to sweat with you, waiting to workout with you.  They were waiting at the flagpole, not bouncing high, not yelling.  Everyone was looking towards the water fountain to see you coming flying in at 6:31, per usual, backpack packed up.

We missed you yesterday Jason.  We missed you a lot.

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