We Missed You Jarod Cain

You wouldn’t think this would happen.  Of all days that this could happen it had to be this day.  THE Jarod Cain, one half of the team KoCain, decided to verbal for the workout this morning.  But were you there??!? NO!

Maybe it was by dumb luck that he verbaled in a group chat with 15 others.  Maybe it was meant to be that this group chat was for a fundraiser for charity that involved him RACING!!!  Maybe it was the over the top, we have the best sports teams ever, red white and blue, I love the patriots, Tom Brady please have my baby, Gronk you can be the uncle, loving attitude that just short circuited you leaving you incapable of attending the workout today.

Now, these are some harsh claims.  I will give you that.  So a little evidence would probably help solidify this argument. Exhibit A-

That’s a straight verbal people… lets see how this goes…

Yup. Blamed an innocent child.  How dare you Jarod?  But hey, it’s okay, this happens to every one once.  I’m sure this is the first time… Oh wait a minute…



Well Jarod, I will give you credit for watching out for your child.  That does deserve credit and in the end we still love you.  And one more thing- JAROD CAIN #WEMISSEDYOU!

written with love by Dan Adameitz

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