We missed you Jarod Cain (again!)…

Hey Jarod,

It’s your pal Ryan again. And I have to be honest, the last time I wrote one of these it hurt me inside. This time, it’s going to hurt you a little…

I would have thought the lesson would have been learned last month. We had a little fun at your expense. Dana Bogan shed a single tear for you, and you even got a little TedX publicity out of it (see above).

But this time it’s a bit different. This time you didn’t drop one, you didn’t drop two, but you managed to drop three #Verbals in a 24-hour window, and that my friend is the true disappointment. I noticed you had no problem making it to the social events this weekend. I heard the Slutcracker was amazing:

Jarod Cain again 2


But our friend Seth Waltz shared some information later on Sunday afternoon that was news to me. You #Verballed for the Boston Brunch Runners workout on Sunday morning. Which is great. I was so happy you are back running again from your injury. And if we are serious about running a marathon next year, then its positive sign you are starting to run again. But then I saw this follow-up on Sunday afternoon:

Jarod Cain again 3

That’s not good! But it’s okay. I understand. Sunday morning can be tough. Especially after a late night at the “ballet”. And I was thrilled to be able to go to the Celtics game with you. Remember how much fun we had? The Celtics won, we learned a little bit more about the Celtics Dance team members then we knew before we went to the game, and oh yea, we had a “friendly” wager over who would win the peewee basketball halftime game. And unfortunately for you, my ability to scout winning teams was on point, and you #Verballed to deliver 20 burpees at the end of this morning’s workout.

Which brings me to this morning…It was really cold this morning. Like wearing six layers cold. But I got out of bed knowing that “this shit is good”, and you would be there to deliver on our wager. I even #Verballed on the November Project Tracker (which I never do!). As I navigated my way to the workout in the dark, icy freezing morning, I committed in my head to doing the 20 burpees with you at the conclusion of the workout as a sign of unity and brotherhood. But something odd happened. I didn’t see you at the Pru. And I didn’t see you on Commonwealth Avenue either. And I especially didn’t see you at the end of the workout to deliver on your #Verbal of 20 burpees. And that made all of us sad.

Now let me get real. I’m tired of writing these for you. This will be the last one. I will never allow myself to expect you to deliver on a #Verbal again. And I hope that hurts. I hope it cuts like an Alanis Morissette song!

I came home and checked my phone to see the following message:

Jarod Cain again 4

Don’t blame sweet, innocent Danielle. She didn’t make the wager, or say she would be at the workout this morning. It isn’t her fault (mostly). I have three alarms on my phone to get out of bed, perhaps I can show you how to do that?

Last time I wrote you up for missing a #Verbal, you had this piece of advice for me:

Jarod Cain again 5

And while I acknowledge, I run the risk of someday being on this wall, I haven’t yet. And I pride myself on that. But at the same time, at the rate you’ve been attending, I’m fairly certain that if that day comes, I’ll be less concerned about “tumbl<ing> into the dark void of not showing up despite a promise made to do so”, because while you may be at the bottom of that pit, you probably won’t be at the workout to hold me accountable!

And I say all this in love, because Jarod, #WeMissedYou(again) this morning!

–        Ryan Komaiko

PS: You still owe me 20 burpees (plus another four minutes of burpees, two minutes of quad squats, and two minutes of planking for good measure)!

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