We Missed You, Heather! (PHL)

Most people at NP_PHL are familiar with Heather.  If you need a refresher, she is the super fast chick that sometimes shows up with her large white dog (which can easily be mistaken for a small horse due to its sheer size).  Heather…you know the really positive one, always smiling and hugging?  Anyway, Heather just ran the Boston Marathon and everyone at NP has been hyped to catch up with her since she got back.  Last Wednesday she got a pass because it was only two days after the marathon…

However, yesterday morning was an entirely different story.  Heather verbally committed via our Facebook page and people were fired up to welcome her back into the fold.  Mornings like yesterday are specifically why verbal commitments are critically important.  When it is rainy, cold and ugly outside, beds tend to feel warmer,  more comfortable, dare I say…intoxicating.  The thing is —  on these days we put our feet on the ground not because we initially want to, but because we know others are doing the same, and we know that shitty weather is no match for the feeling of a bear hug, high five, 25 burpees or the sound of Suzanne screaming at you to run faster…

Heather 2

Yesterday morning at 6:25 AM to the group’s dismay, there was no Heather and no pony sized animal at the Art Museum.  Heather, you dropped your ‘verbs’ and didn’t show up.  We raced, we hugged and we took awkward photographs, but we did all this without you.  Was your bed too comfortable? Was the rain too cold?  Beers too tasty Tuesday evening?  It’s all speculation but please understand that we love you and are confused about your failure to join us.  Really what we are trying to say is…WE MISSED YOU, HEATHER!

Heather 3

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