We missed you, Heather! (PHL)

If you picked the Georgetown Hoyas to go to the Sweet 16 or you thought you’d see Heather at our workout this morning, you were wrong. Twice.  Despite assurances to the contrary, if you were at the workout this morning you did NOT see Heather.  Yesterday, I received the most old school, face-to-face, heartfelt verbal from her.  As I walked home from work on 19th Street, I spotted Heather across the road — the cheerful, fun, sweet girl that we usually see at NP.  “Hey Dan, I’ll see you tomorrow,” makes up part of our exchange.  “Sweet,” I thought to myself as it’s always good to have Heather’s energy at our early morning workouts.


However when I arrived at the workout in the rainy, cold, dark shadow of Lemon Hill Mansion, Heather’s energy (and physical presence) was nowhere to be found.  Seriously, sometimes all you need is a little Lilly Pulitzer to brighten up an otherwise bleak morning.  Worse yet, Annaliese (Heather’s partner in crime) indicated that Heather had also told her that she’d be at the workout.  However, none of this was true, we were there, we were waiting for Heather, but no Heather.


Heather, we aren’t mad at you.  We love you.  We’ll get over it, sure, but this morning was little lonelier without you.  I guess what I’m really trying to say is…We missed you, Heather!

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