We Missed You Grace (LAX)

What an uneventful morning for Dr. Hu (Who). She woke up, ate some short bread cookies for breakfast then headed straight to work missing such a vital part of her morning. NP. If you look at Exhibit A below you will see that she did indeed drop a verbal for this Wednesday’s 5:27 gang. And how said to break little Marilyn’s heart. She had high hopes of seeing you.


Look we get it Grace, you didn’t want to Grace us with your presence this morning. Look we get that you can surf now after return as a dudette from your Surf Camp in Costa Rica, which mind you made you you miss a few epic workouts, but we’ll let you slide for that one considering you weren’t in the country.


But we really know you were just playing with legos the whole time.


Sometimes we too fall asleep on the couch watching trashy reality TV like “Naked and Dating” or “The Bachelor”, but that doesn’t stop us from breaking a verbal. No matter what harsh situation we sleep in, no matter how many hours of sleep we still wake up and make it to the Bowl on time. Maybe it wasn’t your late night couch surfing. Maybe you were instead deciding on what new Bitmoji outfit to wear for tomorrow and finally decided to hell with it.



Or this?


Too busy spreading NP vibes on the world wide web!



Look we get that you now own a house and are a 15 year old living in an adults body, but you could have showed up to invite everyone to your rager this weekend. We just missed our Resident NP Doc this morning We miss the voice that cracks a silly joke or does a heel click when no one is watching. We’re always watching!


Maybe you could redeem yourself by some of your deleesh baked goods.I’m sure everyone will be very happy.


We hope your hecticness of work is going smoothly. Next time think how much more stoked you’ll be unleashing all the positive vibes before you have to head to the ward and pronounce someone as dead.

We have no comment for this! ( and yes, the penny does help for size)



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