We Missed You, Glenn (Dad) (NOLA)

I’d like to preface this post with a little shoutout,

Some credit deserved, heart full of love, no doubt,

When you become a coleader, things begin to change,

Busy schedule, priorities, bed times – you must rearrange,

The fact of the matter is, every workout is a must

Regardless if verbals were ever even discussed.

You are a solid co and bring tons of fun,

Ensuring that our tribe always leaves feeling that their day is won,

So when the clock struck 6am and you were nowhere in sight,

I had to convince myself that I was going to be alright.

You see, Glenn, life is just not the same without you,

So I’ve compiled this post to let you know why we missed you.

Is it because of Mardi Gras that you couldn’t make it?

When I saw you last night, you were ready to commit.

The speaker wouldn’t make it you had told me,

But your lack of presence was something I did not foresee.

Your beautiful voice was one I was hoping to use,

To entertain our tribe with your sweet & rhythmic blues.

But could your absence be due to another reason,

And nothing to do with the fact it is Mardi Gras season?

I want you to know we aren’t horsing around,

Feeling abandoned by dad makes us all begin to frown.

I know you dreamt of us agreeing on me giving you a ride,

But from the truth of the matter you do not need to hide,

We all have those nights where we stay up too late,

And our evening activities lead to an unfortunate fate.

You may have been lost in the woods or trapped under your cover,

But I hope you know that one day you will recover.

But for now, Mom is here to let you know,

That she is having a hard time letting this go.

It was cold and wet and she needed a hug,

Abandoned at the levee, and all she could do was shrug

Just know that the kids noticed it was only one rather than two,

And wanted you to know that we really, really, really missed you.

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