We Missed You Geoff, Cindy (CHI)

Dearest Geoff And Cindy,

We missed you this week. It wasn’t that warm out but then again it wasn’t that cold.

Cindy, the way we look at it. No problem. I mean, we all can’t travel to all these exotic places where it’s warm and sunny all the time. You really punished yourself on your beach runs and even forced yourself to go into the non-frozen body of water that looked waaaaay to clean. We appreciate it when you slum it with the rest of us in gray, cold, Chicago. We’d appreciate it more if you kept your #verbal though, just sayin 🙂

Geoff, life changing decisions and debilitating sickness aside it’s all good. . . kind of. If you need a ride, cab, limo or escort of some kind please let us know. The one foot in front to the other analogy holds true here. Someone even volunteered their rickshaw services today so don’t make that guy ferry you over here.

Needless to say. We missed both of you this week. It was an amazing day for all of us and would have been even more amazing with the both of you to join in on the fun. See you next week.


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