We Missed You Evan, Jon, and Ed (IND)

Boys, today was race day, and on the one day of every month that your tribe needed you most, you weren’t there.  Missing a race day after you gave your verbal is like missing dinner at grandmas when she made your favorite meal.  You just don’t do that (If that didn’t hit you were it counts then I don’t know what will because grandmas rock)!  So now I have to get on here and type something up about why you should have been there this morning.  Here it is; your “We Missed You” post.


Let me put it in perspective for you; the tribe, much like the human body needs many different parts and pieces (organs and systems) to play their unique roll for everything to come together and work correctly.  And as core members of our Indy tribe, the three of you play the role of some pretty important organs and without all of our organs this morning the tribe was in clear disarray:  DangerMan was seen doing burpees two different ways, and some people forgot what a burpee was altogether.  Nicole admitted that she was even running up the stairs sideways. SIDEWAYS!  Casey completely forgot that he was supposed to let me win race day and even though the temperature dropped as we worked out this morning members were taking off layers instead of keeping them on! It was outrageous.  So as you can see you boys are integral parts (probably the vestibular system, hippocampus, and maybe even the hypothalamus) of the tribe that keep it working in tip top shape.

So because the utter confusion and hysteria that was caused this morning by your absence, I think punishments are in order.  Evan, I have your NP buff and I’ll be holding it for ransom until you can successfully beat me in a future race day.  And yes, yes, you are correct it is now on like Cinderella’s other slipper…err wait… let’s just say it’s on like Donkey Kong.

evan's dead buff

Jon, I don’t have anything of yours so we will just ironically spank you with the Positivity Award (while cheering you on of course with positivity).  Number of spankings will be equal to the number of minutes it took you to complete your last race day, rounding up of course.  And Ed, you’ve lost beer privileges for a week.  I’m taking it easy on you because you may have the best excuse for missing since you run 50 miles a day to train for the Tokyo marathon.  Good luck buddy!

In summary, we missed the three of you this morning.  I know you won’t let us down again.  I look forward to seeing y’all next week and having the tribe in full health!

Yours truly,

Off Grid Dan (facebookless, twitterless, instagramless, etc.)

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