We Missed You Drew! (PHL)

Tribeswomen Joanna, Natalie and Julianne forwarded this heartwarming We Missed You for our good friend Drew.  Drew is a regular fixture on the NP scene, except last week when he broke promises and hearts by dropping a verbal and failing to show up. We wanted to celebrate you and your birthday DREW! Take it way ladies…

Sorry this is late.  We were a little busy living (then dying) to celebrate you.  Fitting for Philly though; we can literally only be on time to a workout and even that we struggle with. It’s why we start at 6:25.

Last Friday was your birthday workout. You love birthdays and are usually one of the people making other people’s birthdays special. In fact, last year at your birthday workout when you were saying “Hi I’m Drew!!!” to your thirties you won the coveted Positivity Award for being one of the most welcoming and enthusiastic people in our tribe.

That being said, it was a huge surprise when you didn’t show up for your birthday workout this year.  Of course being the selfless man that you are, this birthday workout wasn’t just about you. You were supposed to wear matching outfits with birthday twin Sierra and bring champagne for co-leader and birthday sibling Suzanne.  Expectations were high, PRs were crushed, and at one point multiple people saw a man running up the old FRC hill wearing pink Chubbies and thought it was you…it wasn’t.  And you weren’t there to help us recruit another man with a passion for short shorts.

Quit playing games with our hearts DD.  If anything can keep you in bed past seven on a Friday, we never guessed it would be 90’s karaoke on a Thursday night in University City???!!!

BUT….our hearts will gone. Leo finally won an Oscar and you finally get a proper get another #wemissedyou.  As much shit as we give you for being you, for many of us you were first person who reached out to us our first workout and/or a huge part of what keeps us coming back for more.  You keep our hearts full with your overflow of love and laughter each time you get out of (a) bed and haul your jellyfish-clad ass to (almost) every workout.  Your heart as huge as your smile, tights, and ginger beard are bright.  That is why #wemissedyou Drew and why we will miss you any day 31 year-old adventures prevent you from being able to #justshowup.


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