We missed you: Dearest Robin (SF)

It’s a sad day when a verbal gets broken. Our friend, Robin Lilley, offered up a verbal over instagram message late Thursday night, but for some reason she failed to show up. Where was she? We may never know, but we’ve got some theories.

Maybe she was up late doing her makeup? We know she always looks fly, but perhaps she was trying to make an extra-bold statement at work this Friday.

Or maybe she was out drinking Natty Lights in the 7-11 parking lot. It is Movember after all, and look at the stache she is already rocking.

Perhaps she was bundled up in bed like a freakin’ burrito on her couch. We can’t blame her (oh wait we can), it is the darkest Friday of the year.

Or maybe she was playing Chubby Bunny by herself. Whatever happened, it’s likely that we will never know. What a shame.

If you’re thinking about breaking a verbal, the only thing we can do is hypothesize about where you might be… publicly. Robin, if you’re reading this, we hope you’re okay.

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