We Missed You, Danielle! (DEN)

As recollected by our Shelby Dee: 

Not everyone in our amazing mile-high tribe may know the beautiful, wonderful, sassy, and sometimes grumpy Danielle. She is an exclusive 5:30 girl because her job AS A LIBRARIAN (geek!) requires her to be in super early. I often go to 5:30 because Danielle is my girl, my best friend, my cousin, and basically my sister. She’s SO amazing that I’ll wake up at 4:45 just to work out with her! Well, if you all thought Danielle was awesome and you wanted to give 5:30 a shot just so you can get to know her, admire her, have the biggest fan crush on her. Stop. She broke a broke a verbal today.

You see, Danielle and I have a schedule and pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, we discuss plans to go to NP5280 the next day. Just like this:



Awesome. Deal done. Now early to bed and early to rise. On normal Wednesdays and Fridays when Danielle verbals, I text her good morning around 5 am. She texts me back. And then I call when I’m on my way to pick her up. But this morning was different. And she had me devastated! I texted; no response. I called a million times and NO ANSWER. Because I turned into my frantic Jewish mother and thought she might have stopped breathing in her sleep, someone broke into her apartment, or some weird bug bit her in the middle of the night which left her paralyzed from the neck down and now she could only communicate by blinking, I was a mess. And since I drained so much energy by trying to get in touch with her, I was already late to 5:30 so hello, 6:15, nice to see you today! Thanks for a great workout!

Danielle, I don’t know what you were doing last night that made you forget all about your verbal, November Project, and all your friends at 5:30. Maybe you thought this was a good idea:


Or eating all the food, like this:


Or maybe you were just being a grump in general, like here:


(Danielle’s had RBF since 1992)

But we all know how much you love November Project as evidenced by these beautiful photos here:


Rest assured, Danielle is ok, she is alive, and she just broke a verbal.


We missed you Danielle!!! We missed seeing your sassy face work your butt off at 5:30! Because even though she had never run more than a mile before November Project and it is hands down the hardest workout she has ever done, Danielle keeps showing up and trying her hardest. She’s a champ! And really, I just wanted to give you a big, sweaty hug:


P.S. Don’t do this to me again! I may have had a heart attack or aneurysm.


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