We Missed You Daniella (BOS)

Here is a timely-written We Missed You post, which has been belatedly posted.  Apparently everyone responsible for posting these things was really hung over from NYE.  But those people did show up on Friday morning. 

Dear Daniella, We missed you this morning.

We spent the evening partying, and selfie-ing, yet you left at a reasonable time. While many of us were still drinking ourselves into a stupor you were in your warm cozy bed getting precious extra moments of refreshing sleep. While many of us were dancing, and “capozzi-ing” until the wee hours of morning, you decided you were tired and wanted to get home so you could make it to hills before work. We didn’t complain when you left us, just after midnight. We didn’t complain that you just stuck around to do the count down then decided to leave like a party pooper. Sleep is, after all, important. Sleep is a good idea before tackling the beast known at summit ave. But, you weren’t there.


This gorgeous New Year’s Day morning, you were STILL home, in your warm cozy bed, continuing the party pooping. I, only got 2 hours of sleep. Tim, was still drunk. But we DID show up, with many other from our tribe, to do some work to start off the year. We hope you got some rest, you’ll have to make it up to us by kicking some ass next week! We missed you Daniella. We missed your bright shining smile and amazing energy!! Hope you have a great day. Happy New Year!

Love, Sarah


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