We Missed You, Dan (YWG)

Don’t let his big smile and friendly exterior fool you. This guy might look like a nice guy, but he will tell you (from his weird ass phone number) that he’ll be at work out, and then crush those dreams a few short hours later.


Apparently he would rather go out drinking and not risk a hung over workout than spend quality time with his friends at November project. For the short time that he is here in the city, we all thought we would be able to enjoy his company and awesome sweaty hugs before he hops back over the pond. But noooo, we are left trying to benchmark our workouts by how many times other people lap us instead.

(Luckily we’ve found another bearded import that’s as fast as you!)


So Dan… no. We will not forgive you for missing this morning even though we know you’ve got a lot of friends to catch up with in a short period of time while you’re here.

And no, we will not come hang out with you tonight at Barn Hammer Brewery to enjoy your great company and catch up on the hugs we’ve missed.


Jk… We will do both those things. But we hope you feel guilty for the remainder of the day for just missing what would’ve been the best part of your week.

Cheerio mate,

Your much-less-worldly friend Sara.

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